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"Ready on the left,
 Ready on the right,
 Commence boodle fight!"

What’s a boodle fight? See the video below:

A “boodle fight” is a Filipino Military tradition where a feast is placed on a long table lined with bamboo leaves and every participant, regardless of rank or file, stand shoulder to shoulder and eat together as a symbol of camaraderie, brotherhood, and equality. Of course, the “fight” part refers to the fact that it’s traditionally eaten with your hands and it’s everyone for themselves during the feast.

Boodle Fights are a part of MOFU Shoppe's New Years Eve tradition each year, but now you don't have to wait to experience the delicious madness! Limited in-house and catered Boodle Fights now available! Send in your request below for all the details. 

(Two weeks notice for both in-house and catered Boodle Fights required.)



 MOFU Shoppe Boodle Fights     include: 


  • Roasted Duck 

  • Whole Steamed Fish 

  • Braised Beef Short-rib 

  • Noucmom Lime and Buttery Sriracha Wings 

  • Green Curry Mussels 

  • Black Pepper Lamb Skewers

  • Far East BBQ Pork Ribs 

  • Pork and Chive Dumplings

  • Chicken and Ginger Wontons

  • Vegetarian Spring Rolls 

  • Chef's Choice of Vegetables

  • Fresh Fruit

  • A host of sides and sauces

  (Selections may vary based on availability)



 Boodle Fight (Round 1) - $529

 Suggested for groups of 8-10 

 Boodle Fight (Round 2) - $750

 Suggested for groups 12-14

Boodle Inquiry

Let the fight begin!

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